New Lassa Fever Ward construction at Kenema Government Hospital

A new 48-bed Lassa Ward is being constructed at Kenema Goverment Hospital. Ground was broken in Summer 2012.

VHFC field site in Kenema, Sierra Leone

The Kenema Government Hospital is located 300km south-east of Freetown, in Kenema, Eastern Province, Sierra Leone, an area with the highest incidence of Lassa Fever in the world. Sierra Leone endured a bloody civil war for over a decade prior to its end in 2002, but the newfound peace in the region has made it possible to re-establish and expand the biomedical infrastructure, and continue Lassa Fever research.

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VHFC field site in Irrua, Nigeria

In order to investigate the prevalence and genetic diversity of Lassa virus in Nigeria, as well as create the foundations for a study of human genetic susceptibility to Lassa Fever, the Consortium has established a study site at the Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital (ISTH). The ISTH is located in Edo State, Nigeria where Lassa fever is endemic with yearly outbreaks.

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